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        Welcome to the official website of Kunshan Hengsheng Metal Technology Co., Ltd!
        HANDSOMEKunshan handsome-Metal Technology Co.,Ltd
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        Service Telephone
        0512-5751 9929
        0512-5755 1543

        Aluminum plate cutting processing

        Aluminum plate cutting processing is also known as aluminum plate laser processing
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        Product Details

        Aluminum plate cutting processing is aimed at the production of signs of aluminum veneer, fluorocarbon spraying plate, aluminum-plastic plate, special-shaped blanking, special-shaped cutting, grooving, scribing, etc., light rail subway, light aircraft, heavy machinery, etc., which are currently increasingly popular as decorative materials. The production of spare parts, and the development of professional CNC cutting equipment. The production of special-shaped parts is 2-3 times that of the CNC brick tower punching machine imported from Japan.    This industry requires high processing speed, no damage to the aluminum surface, good precision, no grease on the workpiece after processing, and good smoothness and smoothness.

        1: No damage to the material. The milling cutter is used to ensure that the workpiece is not damaged. 2035 aluminum plate cutting machine

        2: Clean Natural oil mist cooling, no pollution to the workpiece after processing, and easy post-processing.

        3: Efficient and convenient. According to the CAD or CorelDRAW drawing of the receipt issued by the customer, it can be converted into machine processing code, without the need for lofting and other equipment assistance, directly processing the products and workpieces required by the customer, and computer layout saves materials.

        4: A machine works 8 hours a day, and can reach an output of 500-1000 [square].

        5: High precision, high finish of the workpiece. Compared with the customer's drawing, the error is less than 0.5MM. The finish of the workpiece is good, smooth and without burrs, and does not need to be polished.

        6: Unique pneumatic positioning and pressing device, accurate feeding, high speed and high efficiency.

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        Kunshan Handsome-Metal Technology Co., Ltd.
        Telephone:0512-5751 9929
        Address:No. 788, Xintang Road, high tech Zone, Kunshan City
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